Sunday, February 20, 2011


OMIGOSH 4 whole days? Hope you missed me...I know I've missed this.
I am going to do a tutorial in a different way tonight. check out the pics of the barbie look, and try your best to copy it with the directions I gave you forward pics to and I will post the top 3 results (it doesn't have to be identical I welcome any imagination here. GO CRAZY.) unless I only get one, and then you WIN!
P.S. It betta be more than one! <3 teehee

here's a guide for you:

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1- moisturize, spf, and prime you face with your favorite products
2- CONCEAL(remember barbie is plastic perfection is key) and cover all imperfections
3-apply a full coverage foundation(I like vichy dermablend) with a foundation or stippling brush
4- contour under your cheek bone all the way back to your jawline with a liquid foundation about 2 shades darker than your skin tone by using a small stippling brush or a contour brush
5- now double conceal with an anti redness concealer powder to set the concealer
6- set powder with a MATTE loose powder. make sure your finish is completely flawless and matte if not use a mattifying powder to get it perfect!
7- add some color.  apply a HOTT PINK(no shimmer) blush just behind the apples of your cheek across your cheek bone with an angled blush brush

1-prime eyelids with your favorite primer( I like Urban decay primer potion)
2- Cover lid and blend a baby pink loose shimmer shadow with a medium sized flat shadow brush
3- then blend a HOTT pink shadow into the crease until the color is very bold and bright with a rounded blender brush
4- then use a baby blue shimmer shadow on the outer v of your eye and apply until the color is very defined but well blended
5- apply a NEON green eye shadow to the outer crease and blend in just a bit(dont go more than half way in)
6- Use a bright white matte eyeshadow to highlight your browbone and the inner corners of your eyes. keep building until the color is much lighter than your skin tone
7- line your lower lash line with a blue shimmer stick liner, and blend it out with a Qtip or a liner brush
8- line your upper lash line with a BLACK liquid liner. Use a medium/thick line and make sure to wing up at the ends just a bit
9-Curl your lashes, and use your favorite mascara in black( I used one by one by maybelline)
10-APPLY YOUR FAVE FALSE LASHES(This is a non-negotiable...barbie has fab lashes)
11- apply just a touch of clear gloss to your fingers and apply lightly in a c motion around the outside of your eyes, and then apply a loose hot pink glitter(only use makeup friendly glitter otherwise you will be blind lols) over where you have placed the gloss

1- PRIME YOUR LIPS with any balm or super hydrating gloss( I used nivia kiss of shine gloss) let it set for 2 mins and wipe off the excess
2- apply concealer to your lips and cover them completely(this will let the true color of the lipcolor shine through)
3- apply a bubblegum pink lip liner and lipstick with a lip brush
4- apply a hot pink glitter gloss over this and blend

<3 you girls and good luck

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here we go....

Hello friends, 
               Let me just start by saying that I am a total blog virgin and other than the obvious shopping addiction and Facebook I don't find much use for the computer. However over the last few months I have noticed the incredible amount of money I have spent on trying to find the perfect beauty products. After several trial and error attempts at the drug store, Ulta, and the Mac counter I realized that beauty reviews are a life saver.(check out my you tube links to the right for some of my fave reviews) so I thought it would be fun to share with the world my point of view, and maybe find a way to get my honey off my back for the recurring decreases in our bank accounts each week ;) yah know the whole "good Samaritan" excuse. I am doing this for the greater good. SO THERE! LOL

Alright with that said I am just going to jump right in. This evening at about 7 o'clock I took my lunch break at work and not so surprisingly ended up in Ulta which just happens to be directly across the street....OH THE IRONY! I was just going for a little retail therapy so I sort of just bought the first four products that caught my eye. I of course came directly back from lunch and just played with my new "toys" here is what I found.

NYX : color Combination's for your eyes only
Sexy Blue Eyes-Palette

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let me just tell you first off I am obsessed with NYX products. They are super cheap this palette was $10.99 and it has 10 of the most pigmented and bendable shadows I have ever used. 

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Beautiful right?
so I just did a quick rough play with it just to see how they bended and how deep the colors were and these were my results. Please remember these are very rough, but look at how perfectly they all blend together. and I used about 5 of the ten shadows in here from the dark copper to the sky blue. I think they look just almost exactly like the cover of the packaging. I am quite proud(although I must say the shadow did all the work)