Wednesday, June 8, 2011

N.O.T.D. 6/8/2011

I was a little sick of all the sparkle.(check my previous N.O.T.D. post to see what I mean.) So I wanted something cute and girly, but also very simplistic. So I reached for my Orly Basket Case polish. This is one of my go to polishes when I know I need a little pick me up. The color is so gorgeous and much more complex than your average pink it has a beautiful blue undertone that makes it ultra flattering on my olive skin. I just can't get enough.


This is only one coat. I change my polish regularly so if I can get away with one I do because its easier to remove. The color pay of and opacity of this polish is amazing.

What are you fave/go to polishes? Do you own this one already?

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  1. love this! i want to try it for sure! my best friend said its the perfect pink! cute blog :)