Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sugar Sweet Sunday's

Just a little sugar from me to you & A way to get your fix calorie free :P

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So today we're talking candy and one of my Favorites from childhood is cotton candy! It really is such a special candy because it's so beautiful in it's light airy texture, pretty pastel colors, and the warm memories it evokes. Cotton candy is a carnival staple and just puts me back on the tip top of that Ferris wheel. :)

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As women we can't always indulge in such high fat treats. *The things we sacrifice for our bodies ughhh! lol* However the good news is you can  satisfy your need for all things sweet in other ways like through a pretty polish in a hue to match your treat of choice.

Mine would be .....

A pretty polish in that same hue, or maybe even a candle, or perfume fragrance in that same scent.
Items Pictured:(Clockwise from top left)
* Revlon Scented Polish in Cotton Candy
* Slatkin & Co. Candle in Cotton Candy
* Hard Candy Polish in Sky
* Pink Sugar Perfume

I know most of us girls just love yummy treats so what better way to satisfy that sweet tooth than with something you don't feel guilty about later.

Would you like to see more Candy/Sweets themed posts? If so what are some of your favorites?


  1. Love this post! Makes me wanna eat something sweet...which I probably will do! Ha! I loved vanilla scented everything

  2. AWESOME! ME TOO. I have some great ideas for that for next Sunday! Thanks girl! xoxo

  3. What are your fave vanilla scented products?